Amore Fine Dining & Spirits: the seafood restaurant seeks to expand into a new location

Owner Alfred Limani presents a house salad from the cave ($ 12). (Andy Li / Community Impact Journal)

After two years serving seafood in the Montgomery area, Amore Fine Dining & Spirits is looking to relocate to a much larger location.

Alfred Limani and his wife, Vjosa Berisha, opened Amore in 2017 with a third partner, but the two took over full management and ownership in October of the same year. While the business is doing well now, Berisha said the initial transition period was tough and she even needed help from her 80-year-old parents.

“It was so emotional that a lot of times when I came from home I would cry,” said Berisha. “When the business started to grow and customers loved it every day, my heart exploded with happiness. “

Limani said that when the restaurant opened, there were plenty of fried dishes on the menu, including onion rings and fries.

But now it’s much more refined, with fresh vegetables and more authentic Italian cuisine, he said.

Berisha said Amore is well known for its seafood and pasta, like scampi with shrimp. But she said all of the menu items are quite popular.

“Our menu is excellent. … He is very

simple and very pleasant, ”said Berisha.

Berisha said longtime friends and clients Kay and Gilbert Bazan have started work on a new location for Amore, which they plan to open in early 2020.

“They bring such a magnificent building, and they give us such a wonderful opportunity to grow,” said Berisha. Berisha said the new site will be located at 14860 Hwy. 105 W., Montgomery.

She said the new location will have a capacity of 150 seats and an outdoor patio with 50 additional seats and a full bar. The new location will also have a piano, a VIP section and a meeting room.

“The new Amore is going to be completely, very tall, gourmet,” Berisha said. “It’s something different… than in the area. Completely different style.

The restaurant also hired an Italian cuisine consultant to improve and expand the menu with a wider wine selection and more authentic Italian dishes. Berisha said they will keep the restaurant’s favorite dishes, but hope to expand and improve other dishes.

“The prices are not going to change much. We will strive for even better quality [and] more dishes, but the prices will hopefully not go up, ”Berisha said.

Amore will continue to serve customers from its current location until it officially relocates.

Berisha said she and her husband have been “blessed” with the love and support of the community as the restaurant grows.

“You put your heart here, and God takes care of it,” Berisha said.

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