Aberdeenshire dog friendly cafe unveils makeover after lockdown

We all give ourselves that shine and post-containment refreshment. But a popular Aberdeenshire cafe not only reopened with a new look, it also created more space for patrons.

Barn in Foveran has been a must visit for breakfast, lunch, coffee, and cake since it opened in 2018. But with its new look (and additional dog-friendly space), more and more people are discovering what period it’s awesome.

Dog friendly cafe area

For owner Chrissy Graham, her husband Mark and daughter Georgia, The Barn is a family business they work on together. Initially, the space was also home to Chrissy’s spa and beauty treatment business, but as this expanded to its new location, it allowed the cafe to expand.

Chrissy explained, “I used to do beauty treatments at home, but then moved into the spa, which worked well next to the cafe, as you would invite clients for coffee or a meal and their treatments.

“But now that we are moving to the Granite Spa, we had a space where the therapy rooms were.

“During the lockdown between January and April, we turned this area into a dog friendly cafe lounge.”

Tasty food and drinks

The more casual lounge allows people to relax and enjoy a coffee and one of the café’s ‘good parts’ – all fresh and homemade by The Barn’s head baker – as well as for small groups who meet.

Homemade cake and coffee at The Barn, Foveran

“You go through a short walkway to get to the coffee lounge, so you feel a little more private and hidden away.”

It’s already proven itself to customers, many adding to the rafts of five-star reviews The Barn has online.

“We used to have to turn people away, but that gives people who don’t want a full meal another option.”

Feel welcome

Above all, Chrissy and her family aim to create a space where everyone feels at home.

Chrissy said: “My husband and I are both Geordies so we want everyone to feel welcome and there to be a friendly atmosphere.

“It sounds like a cliché, but we really are a big family and we are fortunate to have such a passionate team as we are.”

Comfort food

This welcoming feeling is also reflected in The Barn’s menu, which features high-quality comfort food and well-prepared ‘old favorites’, including afternoon tea.

“Our chic butty fish is definitely something people keep coming back to. We get our fish fresh every day.

Classy fish butty at the Aberdeenshire dog friendly cafe The Barn, Foveran.

She added, “I think after the second lockdown people crave good comfort food, which we have been doing for years. They also need that interaction they get at The Barn – all socially distant, of course!

The Barn’s team of chefs can cook for a variety of diets – just ask and they’ll help you.

The great outdoors

Outside, The Barn offers not only seating, but also a play park for children.

The Barn also supports local designers, with a retail space for small gifts and locally made goods.

Find out more and reserve a table at The barn site.

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