A renewed brand identity for a Northern Irish coffee inspired by the coast

“It was clear that they already had a strong, positive personality,” Ben Connolly, founder of Angel & Anchor, says of the initial brief. “Simply put, Lost & Found is as much the coast as the coast is Lost & Found. Authenticity and creativity are at the heart of what the cafe does, with a mission to create a space for its “tribe” to connect and famous, good food.”

With this in mind, Ben and his team decided to bring this personality to life through the brand and its two sites. “It was our job to help define who they are through a strategic process that would lead to a new identity, tone of voice and language influenced by the local landscape as much as their ethos,” he says.

After establishing its tone, key audiences and core values, the message was developed. Angel & Anchor created playful slogans and phrases, giving Lost & Found a new suite of language to better communicate who it is and the region it is so proud of. It’s all inspired by and centered around the brand’s main tagline, ‘Good Gets Better’ – a tagline that Ben says has ‘brought his passion for quality craftsmanship to the forefront of messaging’.

Other lines like ‘Get Lost’ and ‘Keep It Simple’ highlight his laid-back attitude and love of nature. While “Find Your Tribe” and “North Coast Made” are other examples of secondary phrases that help connect customers to each other and to the location of Lost & Found.

The core identity was influenced by the making of traditional marks such as wood and stone carving. “In these simple processes, organic and human lines and shapes can be found, a feeling we wanted to capture for the identity of Lost & Found,” adds Ben.

Comprised of multiple hand-illustrated brands, the system reflects the rugged nature of the coastline and gives the brand an honest character. “Waves, dunes and landscape references incorporate nature throughout, reinforcing the unmistakable relationship between the brand and the coast,” says Ben.

Elsewhere, the typography is minimal but playful and aims to “bring transparency to Lost & Found’s spirit of adventure”. The Gopher typeface – with its “reverse quirky” serif gives a clean yet inherently fun expression of the brand’s personality. While a dune adaptation to the character ‘N’ and the extension of ‘O’ conveys this spirit even further. Ben concludes, “This top-notch typeface, fun alternatives, and extensive multi-brand system help create a visual identity that truly represents the personality and ethos that his customers were so familiar with every day.”

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