A change of season at the New Bohemian Cafe

By Jillian Manning | April 22, 2022

As Northport’s New Bohemian Café looks forward to summer 2022, a few new offerings are on the horizon from co-owners Amy and Kevin Murphy. For a treat on a hot summer day, the restaurant will offer three frozen drink options. While the details are still being ironed out, Kevin says we can expect a frozen latte or frappuccino, a frosty lemonade, and a version of an Italian gelato.

A bigger update brings a coffee truck in the form of a refurbished 1960s Volkswagen bus. Featuring a condensed version of the coffee’s drinks menu, the truck will be able to visit different locations in the area. Her home will be outside the Omena Bay Country Store, which is slated to reopen in 2022 and will be operated by the Murphys.

The vision is for a neighborhood general store, supplying Omena residents and visitors with the routine items needed around the cottage, on the boat or at the beach, Kevin explains. “We will have a very nice selection of beers, wines and spirits. We will have snacks and food to go. We’ll have a coffee. We’ll have all the odds and ends that people might want to drive up to Northport or down to Suttons Bay for – like batteries, bug spray, charcoal, and that sort of thing.

The Omena Bay Country Store is coming soon. Meanwhile, the New Bohemian Café is open year-round and in doing so has become a community venue for locals and seasonal visitors.

“I would just encourage people if you could fit into that category of ‘I can’t even think of the last time I was in Northport’, come to Northport!” said Kevin. “We have the Mitten Brewing Company; we have an amazing public beach; we have trails; we have a golf course. It’s a very nice little town to browse around in, and there are more and more shops and new businesses. If you haven’t been to Northport in the last five years, you’ll find that the 2022 Northport is very different from what it was before.

Find a full story about the Murphys in this week’s edition of our sister publication, Northern Express. Find them at 110 S. Waukazoo Street, Northport.


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