Asian Fastfood Ichiban from Lower Hutt Too Good to Call a Takeout

Ichiban's Fried Singapore Noodles changed my table mate's opinion of Asian cuisine.


Ichiban’s Fried Singapore Noodles changed my table mate’s opinion of Asian cuisine.

A taste of … Asian fast food restaurant Ichiban, 15 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.

We had heard … That this is the best “Chinese” restaurant in Lower Hutt. It actually has a range of Asian-style dishes on the menu, from Singapore noodles to sushi.

The atmosphere… Are you hungry? Are you in a hurry? Do you want to eat something fast, but not – despite the name – “fast food”? This is the place for you.

Anything with tofu or tofu is good at Ichiban.


Anything with tofu or tofu is good at Ichiban.

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We ordered… I have to be up front, this is my takeout pick in the Hutt Valley. I looked at the teppan bar in front, so I thought it was only fair to review the much more accessible fast food restaurant, with its separate kitchen and menu, which is at the back.

This place is always crowded on Friday or on weekends. It’s family friendly, quick and the food is frankly some of the best Asian style cuisine you will have in the Valley. Forget your standard boggy chicken chow mein and shrimp fried rice, this is fondue heaven – get ready to steam up your steam.

My # 1 dish is the Ginger Shallot Tofu ($ 13) – to be honest, all the tofu is good here. Add a serving of steamed rice and it’s a meal for two for $ 15 that’s flavorful, rich, and filling, with the tangy green onion sprouts a nice crunchy contrast to the silky fried tofu.

One of Ichiban’s specialties (and one of my favorite culprits too) is roast duck, which comes with steamed rice and bok choi ($ 14) and a very small plum sauce. soft and light that you wish you had in a bucket is so much more. The duck is always tender – just the right amount of fat – and not too much game, with the bok choi which lightens the whole dish so as not to leave you too crunchy.

My table mate wasn’t a huge fan of Asian food, but I convinced her to try the Singapore noodles, which were fatty and amply loaded with big, juicy shrimp. She was thrilled and wouldn’t even let me try a shrimp for the sake of science.

The menu is huge so take your time and try something you may not have tried before. It’s bound to be awesome coming from here.

This is my last coffee review so I wanted to go out to a place I really love, it’s a little quirky and very, very tasty. It is the perfect choice.

It was an absolute pleasure to try all the food Wellington has to offer. One thing I have learned is that we are lucky, lucky, we are even spoiled for choice. I want to thank all the cafes, bars, restaurants and venues and their amazing staff who made my year of dining in the capital so enjoyable. At least an extra inch on my stomach is your fault, but I wouldn’t have given up on your great food and service for anything.

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