13 restaurants in Paris Gourmet scene at affordable prices

Here’s how to enjoy Paris’ gorgeous food scene on a shoestring budget.

One of the pleasures of travel is eating well. For decades, Paris has long been considered the culinary city of Europe (and some might say the world), but with over 44,000 restaurants in the city alone, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect restaurant that meets your needs. both your budget and also your demanding palate.

With Paris being a gigantic melting pot of cultures, the city offers a diverse range of dining options. From cheap eats on the street to lush experiences in luxury hotels. I remember the first time I visited Paris over ten years ago. Hours of research have proven that the best way to enjoy Paris without digging into your pocket too much is to actually eat a hearty lunch. Described as a “menu du jour”, the French love long lunches, and this gastronomic delight is even inscribed on UNESCO’s world cultural list.

In Paris, you can have elaborate degustation or degustation menus that will cost you upwards of $370 (€350) but at lunch, a simplified menu will only cost $50. The lunch menu is a condensed version and may even come as a two- to three-course menu, but it gives the hungry diner a chance for a real dining experience without putting too much stress on the wallet and waistline.

Before Covid-19, many Michelin-starred chefs started opening more casual restaurants, but after the pandemic more chefs started opening more casual restaurants, creating a Paris teeming with restaurants that don’t compromise on taste. , service or experience. “Budget” can take on many meanings for travelers, but we’re not necessarily talking about “cheap eating” or even street food; it’s real refined French cuisine with a smaller price. For just €22-50 ($25-55), you can get a gorgeous French lunch, leaving you with more money to spend on that Paris shopping spree.

Enjoy your lunch!

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